Authentic Believable Stock Photos

Authentic Stock Photos

Most stock photos have a problem, a big one.  Their photos look “stocky” and buyers have been relentlessly asking for work that is believable.  On our modern stock photo agency sites – where we pour through pages and pages of repetitive stock photos where the same model simply moves the obligatory cell phone to a different position in each photo – that one good authentic photo is hard to find.

Today’s stock agencies aggressively recruit inexperienced photographers.  They have to.  Good photographers won’t remain with them under today’s conditions.  Inexperienced photographers not only don’t yet know what it takes to create an effective image, they don’t know the legalities and standard practices of the industry. This can put you at risk.

Decades ago when I was entering the industry, a pro photographer told me that it took 10 years to become a photographer.  I can’t tell you how badly I resented that statement.  Now, I would say it takes much longer.  Photography isn’t just about what all the buttons on the camera do, or how to use the lights.  It’s developing a broad understanding of what values, both artistically and otherwise need to be present for an image to be effective.


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