Digital Lovers, Conceptual Fine Art Photography

fine art photography

I think this is one of my favorite fine art photos.  I call it digital lovers and it is a conceptual work created to show how we can remain connected in thought or through the spirit even when we are apart.  Or perhaps I should say how love transcends all.

This is a composite photo created from three separate photoshoots.  One with the male model, another with the female model and a third for the city background.  They were carefully blended to create the finished artwork.

This is available as fine art photography for luxury homes, lofts, hotel lobbies and interior design projects.  It is also available as a premium stock photo.  Click the image to be taken to the page to purchase/license it.  Note that it can be printed more than twice the size of the downloaded file.

Un-Stock Photography is an art source for the interior design industry.  We work with architects, interior designers and luxury homeowners to deliver the perfect artwork for your decor.  We can also arrange for printing and framing to your specifications.

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