Retro Black and White Couple at a Drive In Movie

fine art photography

The crew and the models were a bit shocked when they saw how this photo came out. We shot it at 2:00 in the afternoon in strong sunlight…. but got the moody light similar to what you would expect to be coming through the window of the 52 Ford at a drive in movie.

Oh, and making this photo cost me one of my more expensive strobes. I used battery powered studio strobes to overpower the sun and create the lighting effects. It was windy and we were careful to sandbag the strobes to make sure they didn’t blow over…

But that didn’t protect them from the photographer. As I was moving around the old car to bet that yet unknown perfect angle, I tripped over one of the power cables and down came the strobe.

Oh well. Just one of the costs of doing business and it was worth it for the photos we got on this shoot!

Click the image to be taken to the page where you can license the image and download it immediately. If used as a fine artwork, the large downloaded file can be printed 2 to 3 times the file size depending on how closely it will be viewed.

We can also print it for you and ship it for an additional charge.

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